Anurag Sahay


Welcome to my personal webpage. This page is mostly orthogonal to my academic webpage, which can be found here.

With Prof. Shobha Madan at the IITK Convocation, 2016 

I am currently (as of October, 2020) a graduate student of Prof. Steve Gonek at the University of Rochester.

Prior to this, I used to work at the Gurgaon office of the Boston Consulting Group. I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram.

You can contact me in the following ways (in order of likelihood of quicker response):

If your reason to contact me has something to do with IITK or UoR, I would prefer being contacted through those channels over the others.

Please go through the sidebar for other information. If you see any errors, do let me know.

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